Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life Story Writing for Seniors

Kathleen Adams from The Center for Journal Therapy shares some great activities for Senior Citizens in her article, Life Story Writing for Seniors.

A few of these activities include:
  1. Writing in small sketches as proposed by Lois Daniel in her book, "How to Write Your Own Life Story",
  2. Maintaining correspondence with loved ones
  3. Dictating spoken poems
She explains,
"One of the markers of a life well lived must surely be the stories, experiences and memories that are told, retold, remembered and re-experienced throughout the life span. Life story writing captures the priceless and the poignant, the truly memorable and the quirkily remembered, the historic and the unique. It leaves a legacy of living history for future generations. And it can bring enjoyment, satisfaction and closure in the last stage of life."
She concludes her article with Six Suggestions for Seniors when it comes to Life Story Writing; practical no-nonsense ways to get one's life story recorded for generations to come. Read more about these now in Life Story Writing for Seniors.

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